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A New Adventure in Reading

A New Adventure in Reading
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Welcome to a new adventure in reading. This eConnect book demonstrates the features and benefits of the innovative ebooks that we publish.

Our ebooks are created to be an interactive experience where you co-create with the author and with other readers of the book. Every few pages in all of our books you will be invited to write about what you are learning, what you are creating, and what you plan to do differently in your life. 

eConnect books allow readers to share their ideas with other readers and the author and allow communication between the author (and/or a teacher) and each reader. Our books are graphically enhanced and interactive. The graphics are designed to capture and hold the reader's attention, to engage the right brain while the left brain reads, and to foster the reader's creativity. The interactivity is designed to get readers to co-create, commit to changes, and even demonstrate proficiency with the material.