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Live an Unlimited Life

Live an Unlimited Life
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Live an Unlimited Life presents...
Welcome to a new adventure in books. This eConnect book, Live an Unlimited Life, is created to be an interactive experience where you co-create with the author and with other readers of the book. Every few pages you will be invited to write about what you are learning, what you are creating, and what you plan to do differently in your life. In addition to articles that explain the key concepts of the book, there are exercises and journal entries to assist you in putting the core ideas to work in your life.
eConnect books allow continual communication among the readers and between the author and each reader. The books are graphically enhanced and interactive. The graphics are designed to capture and hold the reader's attention, to engage the right brain while the left brain reads, and to foster the reader's creativity. The interactivity is designed to get readers to co-create, commit to changes, and even demonstrate proficiency with the material.
Live an Unlimited Life presents several radical ideas about human behavior and explores such topics as:
  • why people do what they do,
  • the causes and cure for mental suffering,
  • how beliefs are the ultimate source of our behavior and feelings and how the Lefkoe Belief Process can eliminate negative beliefs,
  • how emotional eating is caused by behavioral conditioning and how the Lefkoe Behavioral Deconditioning Process can decondition the triggers that cause emotional eating,
  • why the world suffers from an epidemic of low self-esteem,
  • what the correct role of a parent is,
  • how to overcome relationship problems, and
  • how to get rid of the fear of public speaking.